Nalupta Political Dynasty of Batac City

21:55 Feb 12 2013 Batac, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Nalupta Political Dynasty of Batac City
MARIANO NALUPTA SR., born May 30, 1904, married to Trinidad Rosario, they have seven children.
He was the transition municipal mayor of Batac under the Philippine Commonwealth and the Republic of the Philippines which makes him the last Batac mayor of the Commonwealth and the first mayor of the town when the country was granted political independence on July 4, 1946.
Nalupta was appointed mayor of Batac by the interim government in 1946, was elected mayor the following year for a three-year term and was re-elected in 1951 for his second term. His term ended in 1955. He was considered an ally of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

JESUS NALUPTA SR.- He is at present a member of the Board of Directors of the Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative (INEC) and a consultant for Barangay Affairs of the Batac City Government. Other children that occupy political positions include two Punong Barangays, one of which is the ABC President. A grandson is the SK Federation President. A daughter-in-law is also a member of the Sangguniang Panlungsod. He was elected mayor of Batac from 1988-1997 then he made a political comeback in 2001-2006 after Elena Murders-Nalupta, wife of his brother Mariano became mayor of Batac on 1997-2000.

JEFFREY JUBAL NALUPTA, 48, single, son of Jesus R. Nalupta Sr. In the 2007 elections, his father, Atty. Jesus Sr. who was then unopposed for his third and final term as mayor, surprised other local candidates and voters when he withdrew his candidacy to give way to his son Jeffrey and availed last minute substitution at the Commission on Elections, thus, ensuring his win as mayor. In 2010, mayor Jeffrey was re-elected and he is now seeking his third and final term as city mayor, unopposed.

JAMES PAUL NALUPTA, son of Jesus Nalupta Sr. and incumbent ABC president of Batac

JOHAN NALUPTA, son of Jesus Nalupta Sr, chairman of Barangay 3 Cangrunaan, Batac City.

VIOLY DARADAR-NALUPTA, daughter-in-law of former mayor Jesus Nalupta Sr., wife of his son Joseph. She is a councilor of Batac City, seeking her third and final term.

JARIUS NALUPTA, grandson of Jesus Nalupta Sr. with son Jolo Nalupta. He is the SK Federated president of Batac City

MARIANO NALUPTA JR., 67 sob of Mariano Nalupta, Sr, and the brother of Jesus Nalupta Sr. He was a former Congressman of Ilocos Norte's second district (1987-1992) and Vice Governor of Ilocos Norte (1992-2001). He is the father of the City Vice Mayor.

ELENA NALUPTA, 62, is the wife of Mariano Nalupta Jr. She is a three-term (2004-2013) provincial board member and a former mayor of Batac.

RICHARD ALVIN NALUPTA- lawyer son of Elena and Mariano Nalupta, former National Youth Commissioner (1996-2002) who was SK Federated President of Ilocos Norte from 1992-2002.

MARIANO FRANCISCO NALUPTA III, son of Elena and Mariano Nalupta, chairman of Barangay 2 Ablan, Batac City.

RONALD ALLAN NALUPTA, 42, son of Mariano Nalupta Jr., married to Ivy Nalupta with three children. He is seeking his third and final term as vice mayor unopposed. He is a cousin of mayor Jeffrey.

ANGELO MARCOS BARBA- incumbent Ilocos Norte Vice Governor married to Judge Myra Sheila Nalupta, daughter of Mariano Nalupta, Jr. - LEILANIE ADRIANO
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